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The Practices of James

You all know me by either Planetaryspells, or James. Chances are by the art, and icons that are posted on my services/products on my booth, you may see a series of pentacles, and alternate forms of art on there. Lot's seem pulled from grimoires like the Clavicula Salomonis However take note that my practices are not Solomonic in nature. I feel the need to share what I actually practice as those who are more familiar and seasoned can know what I do, and will know how to work with me more efficiently if they so require my service. I follow both the LHP and the RHP, though I point more towards the LHP (Left hand Path) as the path is more beneficial in serving those here on earth, and fulfills them in ways they desire, rather than in ways just exclusively spiritual. While, yes; Spellwork is very spiritual. I would actually want things such as my money spells to actually get you the money you requested, rather than some high-strung angelic "spirit journey" telling you that &qu