Enforcing Common Sense in a Ritual

I think its rather important that people take the time to understand that.. Although spellwork is the manipulation of energy, and pulls at the strings of the cosmos: This does not in any way disarm any universal laws, nor does it mean that the concept of common sense is to be dropped. Just because you have an arsenal of energy and power; does not mean that you can lounge around and play stupid. I've had a colorful mix of clients from many backgrounds, occupations, and social scenes, and to this day I will get the rare sod who will complain to me about their spellwork not manifesting right, or that it's not working at all. Usually through a few exchanges of emails it comes to my attention that the said client hasn't done anything to follow up the ritual. They just expected the world was just going to fall on their lap after the spell. Which is a load of crap because spellwork needs you to move in order to move it. Let's start by listing some things. If I casted a love/Lu

Notice: Ending the reservation system

If you have worked with me before, chances are you may be aware that I do allow reservations for spellwork. Most of the time, it's either due to clients having a different degree of readiness, or in the case that they cannot presently afford the spellwork and choose not to go over a payment plan. This reservation system allowed clients to be confident that spell availability was there for them after a certain period of time. Anything exclusive or unavailable after a few rituals would be gone forever, and that itself would render the average client's chances to getting said spellwork incredibly slim. However, reserving these spells is a privilege. It's important for people to know that I'm pulling something off the "shelves" for them so that they can make the later commitment to get the spellwork done for them. This means that I'm taking away the chances from others to get spellwork, and these may also be individuals who are ready for it to get done for the

The weird rise to "Illuminati initiations"

Ugh. Nothing drives me crazier than hearing people offer something as mad as an "initiation to the illuminati" on a public marketplace. Guys & Gals, I seriously recommend you do some homework when it comes to understanding what the "Illuminati" is. For some reason, there seems to be a lot of people who think that they're cunning or unique for searching out ways to join this organization. Some even resort to spellwork to join them. Which is silly. Last time I checked, you can't use spellwork to join a group. Also, last time I checked; I haven't found a single person who's become a member of said group through the help of spellwork. So what is this.. Illuminati? Settle down, folks. I'm not going to go all "tinfoil hat" on you. Let me tell you what they are first. The Illuminati is nothing more than a small, esoteric secret society that actually opposed superstition, as well as religion influencing over the public (aka they believe in

On the topic of pricing

Greetings, and Happy New Year to all of you. I apologize for the long wait for another article, but due to this blog being updated on no schedule, I do post as I go, and I only write topics based on what usually comes to light in the journey of offering my services to the public. Now, whether you're a new client, or an old one. I'm asked every now and then about pricing of spellwork and vessels. I have lightly skimmed the topic on some of the past posts I've made on the blog, but I also feel it's good to fully-flesh out the topic, as I feel it's important that my clients know where the funds go. I usually get asked about the pricing, and how it tends to be labeled as something expensive, or pricey. And I understand that, it's not priced the same way as most sorcerers for hire do. First and foremost, take note that the pricing is done with extreme care, and proper planning, and is not just some random number being thrown around. This goes especially for th

The Practices of James

You all know me by either Planetaryspells, or James. Chances are by the art, and icons that are posted on my services/products on my booth, you may see a series of pentacles, and alternate forms of art on there. Lot's seem pulled from grimoires like the Clavicula Salomonis However take note that my practices are not Solomonic in nature. I feel the need to share what I actually practice as those who are more familiar and seasoned can know what I do, and will know how to work with me more efficiently if they so require my service. I follow both the LHP and the RHP, though I point more towards the LHP (Left hand Path) as the path is more beneficial in serving those here on earth, and fulfills them in ways they desire, rather than in ways just exclusively spiritual. While, yes; Spellwork is very spiritual. I would actually want things such as my money spells to actually get you the money you requested, rather than some high-strung angelic "spirit journey" telling you that &qu

Are your spell's effects diminishing? Read on.

Greetings, If you are wondering where I have been when it comes to posting on this blog, I have been working on a plethora of projects on my craft. And all are coming to fruition very very nicely. This is a topic that I have been asked to do for quite some time, and I think this is a topic that everyone wants answers to. The question I usually get asked is this: "Why does it feel like the effects of the spell diminish over time? It seems like things were going so smoothly, then things died down. What's going on!?" The answer is both simple, and a bit difficult to explain, but hang on and read on if you want the answer. Spellwork is the manipulation of energy, and the work of mutual pacts between caster and entity. It's an art, as well as a science in their own right. There are two major elements when it comes to spellwork and making spellwork.. well.. work. Energy and Intention. These two elements are the bread and butter of spellcasting. Without these two crucial ele

Spirit Keeping - How it works and what it's like

This article was produced under request, And I personally feel that this would be beneficial for everyone. In the world of the occult, when it comes to topics beyond that of spellwork, and readings; Spirit Keeping will eventually cross your path and chances are will entice you to some degree. Spirit Keeping can be an incredible practice, as I personally feel that it transcends that of just ordinary spellwork. However, with great power can come great risk. This isn't to say that Spirit Keeping is dangerous, but rather it has the potential to be if not done properly. I'm not going to cover the topic of looking for genuine vessels this time, as it feels like this article will be more well catered towards those who already have spirited, or.. Haunted objects. I really want to cover on how to work with entities, and how the whole thing works in general, as there are quite a handful of individuals who probably have genuine spirited products, but have no real clue on how to use them,