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Greetings, and Happy New Year to all of you.

I apologize for the long wait for another article, but due to this blog being updated on no schedule, I do post as I go, and I only write topics based on what usually comes to light in the journey of offering my services to the public.

Now, whether you're a new client, or an old one. I'm asked every now and then about pricing of spellwork and vessels. I have lightly skimmed the topic on some of the past posts I've made on the blog, but I also feel it's good to fully-flesh out the topic, as I feel it's important that my clients know where the funds go.

I usually get asked about the pricing, and how it tends to be labeled as something expensive, or pricey. And I understand that, it's not priced the same way as most sorcerers for hire do.
First and foremost, take note that the pricing is done with extreme care, and proper planning, and is not just some random number being thrown around. This goes especially for those who order vessels from me. You'll notice that your vessel isn't cheap, or made with some garbage material. If it's a piece of jewelry, you're going to have it made by an actual jeweler. Not some sweatshop in a third world country. This is not for the sake of a premium, but the elemental properties of various metals can only house specific types of energy, spirits, demons, djinn, etc. There is an actual purpose to the vessel, and it's not just for show. There is a reason why I get so infuriated by people who claim genuine vessels, when in truth; the vessel is but a wholesale bead, or some dumb object they blindly picked from a dollar store. No consideration of material is put. Always do your research on the vessels you see. Ask questions, and tough ones to those who are selling them.

Now for spells, and spellwork. Those familiar with my work know that their rituals are not done within day. Some can take a few days, sometimes weeks, and in the very rare occasion, up to almost a month for the ritual. That being said, materials and time accordingly need to be covered for those days. If your spell takes a week to cast; You're paying for a week's worth of materials to have it properly performed. Take note as well I NEVER reuse materials. I believe the energetic structure once used in a ritual is affected after it's use, and must use a new said material to continue on with the ritual. Yes, I do consider it wasteful from one perspective, but at the same time; the way I see how spellwork can work is through perfectly streamlined materials that are not used, nor faulty in their energetic composition. Besides, nobody likes the idea of their spellwork being done with "used" or secondhand materials. It just loses a lot of integrity, and credibility

Let's not forget. I never charge for recasts. This is because I'm confident in my work. Your success is my success as well. If things don't go the way as planned, I'm willing to take resources out of my own pocket to make what we had agreed on happen. Recasts are usually not needed, and at most it is usually just the need for the spell to fully flesh out to complete it's work. Patience is needed.

I'm here to serve you for the long term. I'm not a fly-by-night caster that will disappear, just out to make a quick buck. I will most definitely be busy, so do take note that I may take a while to respond to messages and emails. But take my words seriously; There are people out there in the industry that do want to make a quick buck, and shill you out of your hard earned money. Those people do exist.
But for those like me in the long run, We know for a fact that it's a malpractice to just snatch someone of their money, and just disappear. I WANT returning clients, and because of that, in order to have returning clients, you have to do something right. We have to make something work. It's as simple as that. Just because I am serving others with spellwork, and spiritual services does not mean that I don't see what I do as a business. Even the simplest of business-minded individuals know that you need a good service/product to have people return.

Last but not least, I get the question often; What materials do you get?
Well, for the sake of confidentiality, I won't go into specifics. As my works are.. MY works, and I'm not sharing it to the public, unless one is an apprentice.
I have to get a lot of materials, and a lot of them that you may deem easy to find; I go above and beyond to make sure the materials were not used or recycled (Unfortunately my practice isn't so friendly to the already desperate environment). This goes from paper, to various inks, oils, waxes, resins, and the like. I buy precious metals, and go for the purest I can possibly find. When I get gold for my evocation and offerings, I don't go for the stuff that has been previously melted from old jewelry. I engage in contacting dealers with connections to the mines. You won't settle for less in your results for your spellwork, I'm definitely not settling for less in the quality of my practice.
I do hope this shows you the reasons why such and such is priced as it is. Have I refused cases before? Many times. I'm really not willing to put the integrity of my practice on the line because you don't take your future as seriously as I take yours. See where I'm coming from on this?

I really do hope that this article shines some good light to those who are curious. I wish all those who are serious on their path of spiritual success to find absolute abundance, health, and wealth in all of their endeavors.



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