The weird rise to "Illuminati initiations"

Ugh. Nothing drives me crazier than hearing people offer something as mad as an "initiation to the illuminati" on a public marketplace.

Guys & Gals, I seriously recommend you do some homework when it comes to understanding what the "Illuminati" is.
For some reason, there seems to be a lot of people who think that they're cunning or unique for searching out ways to join this organization. Some even resort to spellwork to join them. Which is silly. Last time I checked, you can't use spellwork to join a group. Also, last time I checked; I haven't found a single person who's become a member of said group through the help of spellwork.

So what is this.. Illuminati? Settle down, folks. I'm not going to go all "tinfoil hat" on you. Let me tell you what they are first. The Illuminati is nothing more than a small, esoteric secret society that actually opposed superstition, as well as religion influencing over the public (aka they believe in the separation of the Church and State). Believe it or not they were super far from being anything significantly occult in nature. Their organization crumbled a few times, and were met through various revivals and sects by various members.

Okay, so with that being said: What isn't the Illuminati? Well, pretty much everything being propagated through the media. They are not a secret society of members of government, executives, or Wealthy individuals ( By that, you would be referring to the Skull and Bones society). They are not the shadow government, they are not the banks, they are not some "evil satanic, or luciferian" brotherhood out to control the world. That's stupid.

With technology growing, and information being spread faster than ever before: That also means stupidity is also spreading faster than ever before. No, you're not "woke" for sharing some article about how the illuminati is putting horsemeat in your burgers. You're just a dumbass.
Also. The world is round.

So what parts of the Illuminati is occult? Well, In one way they study the occult. They gather esoteric knowledge passed on by books, tomes, and grimoires. They study science in the same amounts. They are not exclusively some esoteric Wizardry organization. Think MENSA on steroids.
When I dub something an "Illuminati spell or rite" it means that the information, practices, and methods have been found through the information gathering done by the Illuminati. Why do it this way? Because they're brilliant at gathering information.

Let me make this really clear here. If the Illuminati really WAS a secret, evil society that was hellbent on controlling the world, and committing all these crazy, and wild schemes..
Don't you think that they would.. oh I don't know.. Do a better job at hiding their intentions and work? If they really do control the banks, and influence the world, don't you think they'd do a better effort hiding everything to the point where nobody will notice, nor see? Y'know, things that wouldn't be exposed on social media by some crazy flat-earther who thinks vaccines are the devil?
Use some common sense here, people.

Secret societies do not open membership through spellwork, or any of the sort. Don't be foolish enough to think that a google search is going to land you on the seat of a group of elites. I'm sorry, but if you've ever been near the global elite; You'll notice they think and act far more differently than the average person. You are unlikely a special case in that matter to think they're going to let average people who know how to type words in a search bar, and throw money at a listing for them to even think of recruiting you into their order. Be realistic.

Save your money, do your due diligence.


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