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Meditation - Underrated and underappreciated

Chances are, if you've ever worked with me you've been asked to meditate. This goes especially to my repeat clients. I always get the occasional question of "Why?" Why meditate? What's so good about meditation? Well, the truth is; Meditation is such an underrated tool, that we tend to overlook it way too often. Meditation is so powerful, that I can assure anyone who practices it well and often will find success in most, if not all of their endeavors. Why do we overlook it though? The main reason why many do is because.. It's really tedious. Yes, even I think so too. It's a mind exercise for clearing the mind, and tapping into our inner (And higher) self. We live in a world where it's the norm to be in a fast paced environment. None of this sitting-down and contemplating stuff! Most people don't have time (Bad excuse, you just don't want to make time for it) to really practice it. When really, most of the answers they seek can be found in medita

The "Djinndustry" - An honest narrative/Rant on how Djinn work, and the truth to spirit keeping.

I think it's safe to say that somewhere down the road you're going to come across a listing, or listings that will tell you they're selling a Djinn bound to an object. Right as you're reading the listing, whilst looking at it's vessel; Thoughts of Aladdin, and other hollywood garbage starts flowing through your mind. "Wow! A real Genie?! Imagine the possibilities!" You think to yourself. You're probably thinking you just hit the spiritual jackpot, the universal lottery. Every desire and whim is going to be yours! Soon enough you buy the vessel.. And then another one.. And then another one.. and so forth, and so forth until you start realizing that now you have just a bunch of junk sitting around. Your promises of riches, fame and fortune shattered, and you've made a complete ass out of yourself. Welcome to the Djinndustry, where people looking to make a quick-buck are out by the truckload. Listen, The idea of being a Master to a Djinn is going to s

Spellwork Etiquette

Wow, Not often do you see people post about etiquette on requesting spellwork, huh? This is a post only meant to reflect on what I find ideal in a client that I work with. I have a lot of wonderful clients out there that practice these great habits when they work with me, and with it; I really like to share what I see as etiquette to working with me in spellwork. Take note that there are still a lovely bunch of all of you who are great clients through and through, and that this post does not reflect that "Only those who follow this are good clients". Without further ado, let's talk about some simple etiquette when working with me. Be polite. It's as simple as that. Being a respectful person not only makes this easier, but it makes it much simpler to establish a good connection with the client. Knowing there's a mutual exchange of respect gives me confidence that I can work with you, and that I can gauge that you can reason with what I can teach you. Use punctua
Welcome to my Blog! Hello, Everyone. I am James. The owner of Planetaryspells, and sorcerer with over 20 years of experience. In this blog you will be able to get into my mind, and learn about how I do my work, as well as my opinions on the current state of the world, Magickal practice, and other such things. Take note that this blog is not meant to reflect upon any community but I myself. I do not represent any separate entity, or organization. My musings will be done based on opinion, and will not reflect everyone's beliefs. Chances are there may be posts that will offend you, and may even prompt you to lash out in anger. Though all I ask is to look the other way, and not allow it to get to you. Take heed that I will be limiting my filter on what I post, and will get into some rough topics if needed be. You are always free to message me and send me suggestions on what to talk about, as well as questions on any matter. -James