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On the topic of pricing

Greetings, and Happy New Year to all of you. I apologize for the long wait for another article, but due to this blog being updated on no schedule, I do post as I go, and I only write topics based on what usually comes to light in the journey of offering my services to the public. Now, whether you're a new client, or an old one. I'm asked every now and then about pricing of spellwork and vessels. I have lightly skimmed the topic on some of the past posts I've made on the blog, but I also feel it's good to fully-flesh out the topic, as I feel it's important that my clients know where the funds go. I usually get asked about the pricing, and how it tends to be labeled as something expensive, or pricey. And I understand that, it's not priced the same way as most sorcerers for hire do. First and foremost, take note that the pricing is done with extreme care, and proper planning, and is not just some random number being thrown around. This goes especially for th