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Where (And How) I get my materials

There's always a little bit of mystery when it comes to me talking about gathering materials, or really what materials are involved in my craft. Now obviously, I can't disclose my secrets and tell you what materials I use for which ritual. But I can at least give some pointers to an aspiring neophyte, or someone who's just curious on knowing for the sake of knowing. First and foremost if you check one of my previous posts, you'll see that I shared my insight on burning offerings. Now, that's more than enough of a clue to tell you that I use a lot of incense. I find incense very important when it comes to my rituals, as I believe all 5 of the senses should be involved at all times. Let's start with some obvious altar basics. If there's something you're going to know about me; It's that I absolutely DO NOT like having middlemen when it comes to getting supplies. I really like my materials nearly untouched, and in pristine condition. I prefer always get

Let's talk about Negative Feedback

I've actually been wanting to cover this topic for quite some time, but never got around it due to time constraints, working with other clients, and other topics that seemed to have fetched a higher priority than this one. But due to the recent happening as of late, I feel like this is something worth addressing. So as of yesterday, In my 20+ years of practice, I've received my first ever negative feedback. I guess there is a first for everything, don't you think? Now there's a couple of things I really want to talk about when it comes to something along the lines of negative feedback. I want to make it very clear that I am not someone who doesn't like negative feedback. I think constructive criticism is important in anyone's practice, and gives others a better perspective on what strengths and weaknesses to work on. But one thing I do have a bone to pick about when it comes to negative feedback, are the ones that are hostile in nature, offer no substance, and j

Burning Offerings

Fire is a powerful tool in ritual work and any form of magickal practice. The practice of burning materials dates back to thousands upon thousands of years. This is just a small guide on burning materials such as incense for offerings, or for just clearing out your space. If you're ever on the path to creating a magickal practice, it's always important to know your materials well, and to stock up. I won't take you through a history lesson, but I will definitely do my best to cover the strengths of each material. Sage: Burning sage is an incredibly common material. A lot of new-agers tend to love smudging, and saging often. Sage is a powerful tool to rid and clear a space of energies. This includes both positive and negative; giving a blank slate, and workspace for those who need to begin anew. I always recommend a thorough smudging whenever individuals are moving into a new home, buying a used car, or creating a new altar. Take note that if a place is already filled with

How to handle a love spell & how to not screw it up

I'll be honest. Love spells are quite possibly my most requested medium of spellwork, evocation, and other such things. I guess it's safe to say that people are willing to go incredible lengths just to gain the affections of someone that they favor. However, matters of the heart can be quite possibly the trickiest to work with. They're fragile cases that can't be toyed with. It's nothing like that of a money spell, or something made for protection. We're dealing with someone's emotions here. Before I go any further, I really want to clear up any myths that may be attributed towards love spells. Whenever I see people investing in things such as love spells, they act on a serious emotional impulse. It seems these days "The most attractive features of a love spell wins" And for that I can't blame you if something sounds really good on listing. Please, if you're ever considering spellwork, rootwork, conjurework, evocation done on your case; M

Spellwork will never make you win the lottery

On a daily basis I get asked if I could help someone win the lottery. They usually point to a money spell, or a wealth spell somewhere on my booth, or they email me from my main website asking me if there is such thing. I really want to slam the final nail on the coffin on the case for lotteries, and other similar public draws of chance. This is to keep those who read this well educated, and informed. No spellwork will ever help you win millions of dollars through the lottery. None. I don't care how strong you think the spell is, or how strong the magus thinks the spell is; You're not going to win the lottery on spellwork. It's just not going to happen. Why? Well let's start with something really easy. It always perplexes me anytime someone approaches me with the question of lotteries. They ask it like they think they're the only one who thought about it. How often do you think people incorporate the occult with lotteries? Do you think it's something done rarely