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The weird rise to "Illuminati initiations"

Ugh. Nothing drives me crazier than hearing people offer something as mad as an "initiation to the illuminati" on a public marketplace. Guys & Gals, I seriously recommend you do some homework when it comes to understanding what the "Illuminati" is. For some reason, there seems to be a lot of people who think that they're cunning or unique for searching out ways to join this organization. Some even resort to spellwork to join them. Which is silly. Last time I checked, you can't use spellwork to join a group. Also, last time I checked; I haven't found a single person who's become a member of said group through the help of spellwork. So what is this.. Illuminati? Settle down, folks. I'm not going to go all "tinfoil hat" on you. Let me tell you what they are first. The Illuminati is nothing more than a small, esoteric secret society that actually opposed superstition, as well as religion influencing over the public (aka they believe in