Enforcing Common Sense in a Ritual

I think its rather important that people take the time to understand that.. Although spellwork is the manipulation of energy, and pulls at the strings of the cosmos: This does not in any way disarm any universal laws, nor does it mean that the concept of common sense is to be dropped. Just because you have an arsenal of energy and power; does not mean that you can lounge around and play stupid.

I've had a colorful mix of clients from many backgrounds, occupations, and social scenes, and to this day I will get the rare sod who will complain to me about their spellwork not manifesting right, or that it's not working at all. Usually through a few exchanges of emails it comes to my attention that the said client hasn't done anything to follow up the ritual. They just expected the world was just going to fall on their lap after the spell. Which is a load of crap because spellwork needs you to move in order to move it. Let's start by listing some things.

If I casted a love/Lust spell for you

-Do not expect your target of your affections to show up on your door with flowers in hand. You need to communicate with that person if you want success in the spellwork

-Don't be greasy. Seriously. I've had clients who thought that lust spells that bring in casual hookups meant that they had to stop showering, and to stop taking care of themselves. That's just dumb. Why would that ever be a thing? If you're not even going to attempt in being attractive yourself, there is no way the energy of the spell is going to bother.

-Don't be weird/creepy. This checks out by itself. Don't chase away your target by being weird. I get it, the spell is giving you confidence that you can just say anything in this situation. But this doesn't mean you should be creepy about it. Don't let loose your tongue or text messages divulging them in your intentions. Be subtle.

If I casted a Money spell for you

-Don't bet everything on your job. If you came to me saying that you wanted to be a millionaire and to become wealthy; You have to be realistic with your source of income. You will never become a millionaire with your crappy office job. Start a business, work on an app idea, do something that's going to give you the best shot towards being a millionaire. Heck, Go join an MLM if you are absolutely unsure of where to start.

-Don't pour your funds into the lottery
I've said it once, I've said it many times. I'm going to say it again: Stop depending on the lottery. You're not going to win the lottery.

If I casted a Job spell for you

-LOOK FOR A JOB. This is obvious.

If I broke a curse for you

-Stop thinking about the curse, and be in the moment that its not there. If you think about it, and start doubting whether or not the curse was lifted; you will end up consenting the energies of the curse to come back and settle again. Don't do that!

If I casted a weight loss spell for you

-Be vigilant of your eating habits. You still need to exercise. You will not lose weight sitting around.


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