Are your spell's effects diminishing? Read on.


If you are wondering where I have been when it comes to posting on this blog, I have been working on a plethora of projects on my craft. And all are coming to fruition very very nicely.

This is a topic that I have been asked to do for quite some time, and I think this is a topic that everyone wants answers to. The question I usually get asked is this:

"Why does it feel like the effects of the spell diminish over time? It seems like things were going so smoothly, then things died down. What's going on!?"

The answer is both simple, and a bit difficult to explain, but hang on and read on if you want the answer.

Spellwork is the manipulation of energy, and the work of mutual pacts between caster and entity. It's an art, as well as a science in their own right. There are two major elements when it comes to spellwork and making spellwork.. well.. work.

Energy and Intention.

These two elements are the bread and butter of spellcasting. Without these two crucial elements, conjuring up a ceremony of candles, oils, and scripts will do absolutely nothing. Without energy is to let spellwork die. Without intention is to have energy go nowhere.
So what does this have to do with spell effects diminishing? Spellwork is never a one-sided project

I think the big myth when it comes to spellwork is you wait for your spellcaster to finish his/her ritual for you, then from there; you just wait for the results to rain on. I really wish the world were that simple, but that is not how spellwork operates. Spellwork is always a two-person-or-more show.

Just as much as the caster has to put intention and energy into it, so too does the client. If the results are tied to your benefit, then it most definitely means that it's crucial you also put energy and intent behind your dreams and goals.

Ever casted a spell for someone without them knowing, and found out that they achieved much more success than you normally did? There's a reason to that.
Them being unaware that the spell was casted for them allows for them to unalter, and avoid corrupting the energies of the spellwork. They're so much more focused on their dreams and goals, that they are putting all of their energy and intent towards it.

Big difference when you've got a spell working for you. You KNOW that a spell is working for your benefit. And with that being said, your mind is on the spell a majority of the time. You're constantly asking yourself questions "Is it working?" "Was that a coincidence or the spells doing?" or "Is this the result I've been waiting for?" or even "When are my results going to come into fruition?"

So what happens when you have a spell in your headspace, and you're thinking about it a majority of the time? You're putting your intent and energy into the spell, and are loading it with your own cocktail of energy and intent. Instead of investing your energy and intent in your own goals, you're spending a majority of the time speculating the nature of the spellwork.

And what happens when two foreign energies meet each other? They clash.
And what gets worse is when it clashes, things such as results start to diminish; You begin to wonder and worry even more, and you end up digging yourself an even deeper hole in the situation you have.
Sound familiar?

Your thoughts are powerful. And so are your emotions.
I always make it very clear to my clients to keep in their headspace and manage their  emotions well, as negativity can severely affect the spellwork.

You're questioning about the strength of the spell when in truth you're overlooking your own strength.

Always take heed of the directions a spellcaster gives you. Always be vigilant of your thoughts.



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