Spirit Keeping - How it works and what it's like

This article was produced under request, And I personally feel that this would be beneficial for everyone. In the world of the occult, when it comes to topics beyond that of spellwork, and readings; Spirit Keeping will eventually cross your path and chances are will entice you to some degree.

Spirit Keeping can be an incredible practice, as I personally feel that it transcends that of just ordinary spellwork. However, with great power can come great risk. This isn't to say that Spirit Keeping is dangerous, but rather it has the potential to be if not done properly.

I'm not going to cover the topic of looking for genuine vessels this time, as it feels like this article will be more well catered towards those who already have spirited, or.. Haunted objects. I really want to cover on how to work with entities, and how the whole thing works in general, as there are quite a handful of individuals who probably have genuine spirited products, but have no real clue on how to use them, or on how to work with the entities.

First and foremost, before even beginning on interacting with a spiritual entity that is linked to an object; You're first going to need to train yourself to interact with these beings. It's highly unlikely you will physically see them, hear them, or feel them. And so you must begin working on improving your spiritual senses. This is truly the only way you can find out if you're working with a real spirited object. Now with that said. Your third eye is important, it's basically your gateway to spiritual, and universal power. It activates when people pray, meditate, or even work on the occult. However training yourself to have it always activated is a whole other ballgame.

So the first rule in Spirit Keeping - Train yourself to actually be able to interact with the spirits.

Without having the power to establish contact, no matter how genuine the vessel, you're not going to get much out of it; plain and simple.

Second rule in Spirit Keeping - Keep a mutual exchange of respect between you and the Entity

This is important, as you really don't want to piss off any entities that are linked to the object. Though take note that it's not easy to anger an entity, so don't fret too much if you're worried about the slightest move making them mad. Whenever you work with an entity; you must establish some exchange of respect. Even friendship. Growing your relationship with your spiritual friend/companion is important, as the better the connection; the better sync of energies; Thus meaning the more powerful the entity can serve you.

Third rule to Spirit Keeping - Fulfill your agreements.

Whenever you work with a spirit. Chances are you may establish a pact, or some sort of small contract. Now don't worry, your eternal soul will never be taken, nor will it be in any danger if you want to establish some contract with a spirit. If you're working for a spirit, and your spirit requests some form of payment; Either in a tangible object, energy, or devotion: You better do it. This is to show that you are a reliable person to work with, and it will make it much easier for them to trust you when it comes to working with you. Be aware that not fulfilling your end of the bargain can make for some undesirable results such as them taking away what you gained, them refusing to work with you further, or that of them giving you a bit of a spiritual kick in the arse.

Fourth Rule to Spirit Keeping - Respect the Vessel

The vessel itself is also vital to the connection with the spirit. Leaving it in random places, and not caring for it will only reflect on your attitude towards the entity linked to it. Treat the objects with care, and keep them in good condition. Your best bet into giving these vessels the royal treatment is to build an altar for the object to rest on. Losing a vessel may result in the termination of your contact with the entity.

Fifth Rule to Spirit Keeping - Nurture the relationship

It really irks me when spirit keepers only come around their entities when they need something. It's also quite similar to that of how people hate others who only come to them when they need something. If you don't like that feeling, don't do the same to an all-powerful entity. It's some common sense. Nurture the relationship by being kind to the entity. Showing it devotion, and appreciation for what it does will always go a long way. Giving offerings, and talking to the entity on a frequent basis will always yield a good result.


These are very simple rules to follow when it comes to spirit keeping. Always make sure to know how to communicate with the spirit according to the one who has provided the vessel. Avoid trying to reinvent the wheel by trying your own methods of contact. It's best to leave this to the pros.



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